6-Month-Old Baby Stuns Everyone Water Skiing On Lake Powell

6 Month Old Water Skiiing

This is one of those videos that will either make you smile and think “Isn’t life amazing”, or make you recoil in terror!

The parents of this 6-month-old baby called Rich Humpherys took every precaution they could when setting out to teach their little one how to water ski. With doctors and nurses onboard their boats they were well prepared for all incidents.

However, parents mum Mindi and dad Casey Humpherys have come under fire for their decision, some think it isn’t worth the risk. What do you think? Let us know and leave a comment on Facebook.

Anyway, whether you think it’s dangerous or not, it is still pretty impressive. This little guy has managed to take on a sport lots of adults would struggle with and showcase his newfound skills in style. but, Rich isn’t the only youngster to be videoed out on the water though. Check out the video below.

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