4 Year Old Yuvin Marasini (CGT’s Youngest Singer) Is DESTINED To Make You Smile!

Tiny children dressed in grown-up suits are always an adorable sight, so when the pipsqueak 4-year-old, Yuvin Marasini, rushed out on stage for his Canada’s Got Talent audition, the judges were instantly on his side.

A bubbly and excitable childish energy ran like electricity through the CGT theatre as the judges welcomed Yuvin with hyper-expressive smiles. When Yuvin told Howie Mandel in his squeaky voice that he was only four years of age, Howie revealed, “You are the youngest person EVER on Canada’s Got Talent,” setting the bar surprisingly high for the little one.

The current season of Canada’s Got Talent set itself apart with a grandiose cash prize of $1 million for the 2024 winner. Asked what he might do with such an insane amount of money, Yuvin replied, “I will buy a biiiig ambulance,” making the judges burst into hysterics.

In his babyish voice, Yuvin started singing to a piano backing track. His song choice was the viral track, “Vacation” by Dirty Heads — a tongue-in-cheek pop song about living life as if you’re always on vacation, and loving your job so much that every day feels like a holiday.

Yuvin’s audition was 100% adorable. His elementary school voice was untrained yet pure. He couldn’t hold the tune, but he held the beat perfectly, conquering the rap sections with such ease that Kardinal Offishall looked absolutely shocked. His natural grasp on rhythm was unexpectedly amazing, and all throughout his performance, Trish Stratus and Lilly Singh’s “Awwwh”’s crowned his ultra-cute audition.

The judges awarded Yuvin four out of four Yes votes, sending him straight through to the next stage of the show and congratulating him as he ran nervously back to the sidelines.

Yuvin’s musical talent stems back to his father Sahash Marasini, a guitarist who posts covers on TikTok, mostly in collaboration with Yuvin. A handful of these clips have view counts that have shot well into the millions, including a 121.5M rendition of “Vacation” filmed sitting on the stairs, a 2.6M cover of Taylor Swift’s “Lover,” and a 1.1M cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect.”

In an interview with Durham Region, Sahash revealed that Yuvin was a strong reader who, by the age of 4, could already read full paragraphs, which helped him quickly get to grips with learning and singing lyrics. Yuvin even practices his skills while watching TV, and his favorite song is allegedly “Baby” by Justin Bieber.

Sahash was working at a physiotherapist’s when he got the call from Canada’s Got Talent, revealing, “Literally speaking, the whole experience was very unique, surreal, it was amazing.” You can watch more performances and videos from the remarkably talented Yuvin Marasini on his YouTube Channel.

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