Season 3 Champions CONVERSION’s Golden Buzzer Audition On Canada’s Got Talent

Conversions were the biggest dance troupe in the history of Canada’s Got Talent, but this wasn’t the only legacy they left during their 2023 run on the show. This 36-member group from Trois-Rivières, Quebec won the entire third season and, looking back at their Golden Buzzer-winning audition, it’s easy to see why!

The dance group took to the stage in matching grey tracksuits, dedicating their act to their coach, Vincent Desjardins, and revealing their performance held his personal story about fertility issues. The dance, “Open,” was choreographed by Vince who found out he and his wife were pregnant after 8-9 years of struggling to conceive a child.

“We’re bringing his vision to life, and his story, so it’s an honour for us,” the group’s spokesgirl told the judges, before commencing their incredible routine.

Their performance was a fine blend of cut-throat synchronicity and tear-jerking storytelling through interpretive moves. Convulsion danced with military precision, spellbinding, organic and oddly beautiful. But their soundtrack was ethereal: an ultrasound recording of a heartbeat swooshed and pulsed in the background, disorientingly strange yet lined with endearing piano tones.

Trish Stratus fought back tears throughout the entire wordless performance, until the finishing scene sent the audience cheering. A black sheet fell like a backdrop, with the dancer portraying Vince’s pregnant wife before it. Conversion’s 35 other members weaved their hands and arms through slits in this backdrop, forming illusions of levitation in a disturbingly mesmerising moment. The audience was taken aback when the sheet dropped and, like a magic act, no one was behind it.

Trish and Kardinal Offishall gave a standing ovation. Howie Mandell called it “by far the best act I’ve seen tonight,” and, after praising the intimacy of their storytelling that made her heart skip a beat, Trish awarded Conversion her Golden Buzzer in a moment that’s gained 1.43M views on YouTube to date!

For their semi-finals performance, Conversion’s story revolved around their own journey as a rising dance troupe from a small city, performed to an acoustic cover of “Take Me To Church” by Hozier. Their season-winning finale, meanwhile, was an atmospheric show centred around the concept of writer’s block, in which the dancers moved captivatingly around a giant book of blank pages. If you want to keep up with the amazing dance troupe, Conversion, you can follow their journey on their Instagram.

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