People Are Saying This Jaw-Dropping Dance Routine Could Be The Greatest Choreography In History

About Yoherlandy And Rahmane

Montreal dancer duo Yoherlandy Tejeiro Garcia and Rahmane Belkebiche have been on quite a journey since their performance on Revolution – World Of Dance. It was a performance that caught the attention of millions around the world for its insanely beautiful choreography and elegant style.

“I am from Cuba and Rahmane comes from Algeria. Our baggage is so different, but when we mix our styles together, it gives something unique”

Just a year after they danced into the limelight, the duo made an appearance on France’s Got Talent. They repeated the same routine but this time in front of over 3 million French viwers as the show was braodcast on M6.

In the video below the dancing duo perform the same routine on France’s Got Talent.

The duo have completely contrasting backgrounds, as Yoherlandy started dancing at the age of 7 before taking up professional dance in his home country, Cuba. He then spent several years working in different dance groups including a well-known Cuban dance group called Compania Santiago Alfonso.

Rahmane got into the art of urban dancing when he was 15 years old in Quebec. He entered multiple international competitions within various dance groups before moving to Montreal in 2016.

This dance partnership was only meant to be a temporary fix-up, however, after their explosive success in competitions and on the internet, the duo have been recognised as a formidable pair in the dancing industry.

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