Yanina Chiesa Singer And Impersonator From Argentina

Meet Yanina Chiesa, the Argentinian singer and impersonator who can imitate the voices of many famous pop stars. While many people can sing well enough for church or in the shower, few of us have the talent to even sing in public, let alone become a star. Yanina is one of the lucky few who does.

According to her parents, Yanina started singing when she was just a child and always showed great promise. However, her amazing talents didn’t expand outside of Argentina until she started her own YouTube channel. In the last 9 years she has gained an impressive one million subscribers, and many of her videos have over 5 million views.

Far and away, her most popular video date with an unbelievable 47 million views is called 1 girl 15 voices. This may sound intriguing, but it’s exactly as it sounds. In it, Yanina performs snippets of famous songs by female vocalists. She manages to mimic their voices so perfectly that if you closed your eyes, you’d struggle to guess it wasn’t Amy Winehouse, Shakira or Britney Spears singing.

All three of these divas are fabulous, but their voices and their singing styles are very different. So for one person to be able to sound just like them is a truly amazing skill. It also shows what a fantastic singer Yanina is because hitting each note perfectly demonstrates what an exceptional voice she has.

As the video continues, she sings like Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, April Lavigne, Adele and Taylor Swift, among others. As she completes each one, you think it’s so good that she must have hit her peak. But Yanina instantly proves you wrong! She performs another song with all the depth, soul and skill of its original singer. It’s tough to do anything but watch open-mouthed.

In the time since that video was uploaded, Yanina shows no sign of slowing down. She has uploaded many more videos, which have been very well received by her legions of fans. As one commented:

“I kept on replaying the Shakira and Ariana parts cause they’re just so unbelievable! Well done”. Don’t believe it can be that good? Check it out for yourself! If you want to see more from this very talented singer from Argentina subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

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