70 Year Old Man Shuffle Dances In The Park With Dance Partner

Shuffle dancing is becoming a very popular trend across China. The dance originally started in Australia back in the 1980s. Named “The Melbourne Shuffle”, the dance is becoming a modern type of square dance and is turning out to be a popular exercise/weight loss routine for many elderly and middle-age people in China.

Not only is this dance a brilliant form of exercise, but it’s also bringing people of different generations together. Videos have been popping up on social media platforms including TikTok (mainly a younger user base) sharing videos of themselves shuffle dancing with their parents and even grandparents – many of which have gone viral.

Below we have another brilliant video of three kids and their grandad dancing in the streets. Their unique dance style has caught a lot of people’s attention, some wishing their grandad could dance like that! This video was filmed somewhere in China, however, we’re unsure where or who the family in the video are.

A Chinese school principal believes that shuffle dancing with his students is a great way to keep them active throughout the school week. In the Shanxi province of China, the principal of Xi Guan Primary School has taken an innovative approach to keeping his students active during their school day. His name is Zhang Pengfei, and he became concerned after seeing his students spending many hours on their phones, computers, and tablets.

Zhang taught himself to shuffle dance and believed he could help his students “exercise more” using the dance, so he started teaching them during their break times. Watch Zhang and his students keeping fit in the video below.

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