24 Ballerinas “Optical Illusion” Routine Wins First Place Title

Morning Star Dance Academy in Atlanta is a dance school of serious talent. They teach their students the fine arts of Classical ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, and Chinese traditional folk dance.

In 2014 the group shot into the limelight with a spectacular performance of “Jasmine,” a contemporary take on a classic Chinese folk dance. The dance isn’t just beautiful lines and correct footwork though, oh no. It’s a complicated, wonderfully complex series of choreography and fan work that dazzles the senses and blows any other performances out of the water.

The dance starts off with the group kneeling or standing in rows, using their fans to make amazing, undulating and flowing shapes, ultimately looking like a jasmine flower flowing in a gentle breeze, in tune with the performance’s name.

The group then split off and the audience is treated to a complex routine of undulating fans and a flowing routine which, in all honesty, is one of the most beautiful performances you will see this year.

The young dancers attack the dance with grace and elegance, unbound by their enthusiasm yet still remaining cool, organised, and smooth.

This is defiantly a crowd-pleaser if ever we’ve seen one and the crowd at the Lincoln Centre, New York clearly agree with that. They watch on, captivated by the performance of the young dancers. The show landed them first place at the regional dance tournament which was well deserved for an outstanding performance.

Watch the dance on YouTube or go to their website for more information. Click here to go to their official website.

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