This Spontaneous And Soulful Duet Between Passer-By And Buskers Is Magnificent

The Connections were playing their set in Washington Square Park, New York when a lady by the name of Abbe Rivers walked into the mix. Whilst playing mid-set she asked if she could join them and what followed was a beautiful mix of soulful vocal play that would rival any live performance you would pay good money to see.

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The Connections

The Connections are an amazing street busker duo and I’m sure you will agree, there’s nothing more amazing than a spontaneous street performance to warm the soul as you are walking through the city.

Accompanied by the guitarist-come-drummer, the lead singer of the connections starts by throwing out his own extremely versatile voice, hitting the notes with the smooth confidence that comes of being a regular performer in front of crowds.

Not deterred by the crowd, Rivers joins the singalong, harmonising and lending some excellent accompanying vocals to the lead singers’ powerful soul-styled performance. There is a gravel and deep quality to both voices of the performers that seems to captivate you as the watcher and clearly the growing crowd too.

Abbe usually performs with her band, doing shows across the streets of the big apple entertaining crowds of her own, but it’s amazing to see what happens when two extremely talented performers with very powerful voices get together in spontaneity to perform.

Although her band is not widely known within the online world, you can find Abbe Rivers band playing on YouTube. The Connections can be found on YouTube and at their website. – Connections website

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