Big Country Boy Will Moseley Gets Katy Perry Hyped From “very First Note” On American Idol

Towering country boy Will Moseley was an excitement machine on American Idol earlier this month, getting the judges on their feet and waving their arms, and even inspiring country hitmaker Luke Bryan to jump on the piano and play along to his audition. Moseley is a 23-year-old former college footballer from Hazlehurst, a small town in Georgia.

The big lad sang his own original country tune “Gone For Good” while playing the guitar, and his charming Southern drawl had the judges hyped from the get-go. Lionel Richie walked out of the audition during the first verse, but it wasn’t for the reason you might think. Richie had another appointment to attend, but he had heard enough to give Moseley a confident yes vote before leaving the studio. Perry was also blown away, later saying she knew the big man was a star “from the very first note.”

At this point, Perry and Bryan got up and started waving their arms like it was a good ol’ singalong. Moseley sang a tune of romance gone bad, and he really put his heart into the words, which the judges absolutely picked up on. Bryan is rarely seen without his acoustic guitar in his hands onstage, but he was so inspired by Moseley’s ballad that he approached the grand piano on the set and started tastefully playing along.

It was a truly beautiful moment to see the two country boys playing along together on Moseley’s original. After hearing the song, Perry video called Richie to get his comments on the audition, and he declared that “Will is a star. I love the timbre of his voice. His voice was amazing.” Moseley previously shared his acoustic cover of “Hurricane” by Band of Heathens with fans online, which you can hear below.

Perry chimed in next after Richie, and made her comments about being sold from the first note. She then said, “This isn’t a hobby. You’re not just doing it for one more year – you’re doing this for the rest of your life.” Perry then told her boys that they were “going to give him the golden ticket right?” There was only one ticket left to give at this point in the competition and Moseley observed that it was just meant to be. The judges agreed and sent the future country star to Hollywood!

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