13-Year-Old Akshat Singh Has Audience In Stitches With Cheeky Dance Routine On Britain’s Got Talent

The 13-year-old Akshat Singh dreams of making everyone happy, and he certainly put smiles on everyone’s faces at his Britain’s Got Talent audition. The dancer from Mumbai, India, had the audience alternately gasping at his athletic dance moves and laughing at his cheeky and inventive routine.

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Akshat is a large boy for his age and doesn’t exhibit the typical frame you might expect for a dancer. However, he quickly captured the audience’s attention with his quirky approach to dancing to a Bollywood song, then shifted gears to perform a sassy and humorous routine to Nicki Minaj’s “Starships”. The young dancer’s wholly unique approach went viral online, attracting 34.8 million views to his audition, making it one of the most popular dance performances ever on Britain’s Got Talent.

Akshat hyped up the room effortlessly with confident spoken word sections, which he hammed up perfectly. His dance style combined athletic moves such as splits and handstands with comedic bits, like marking the beat of the song with his glutes. The confidence emanating from this kid was wild, and he had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand from the first beat.

Judge Simon Cowell said that this is Akshat’s moment, explaining, “I was not expecting that. There’s a lot of kids that are going to watch you. I absolutely love what you do because you’re fun. You’ve got a great personality.” David Walliams agreed, saying, “I wish I was 13 and watching you up there on the stage. You would have made me feel like I could achieve absolutely anything.” You can check out Akshat’s semi-final performance below, which was a total riot yet again.

Before starting his audition, Akshat told the judges that he has “two mottos in my life – to make everyone happy and show everyone that nothing is impossible in our life.” This wisdom impressed hosts Ant and Dec, with the former declaring him to be a little guru. Ant and Dec are big fans of unique, feel-good acts like Akshat, and they proved this by storming the judges’ podium and hitting the golden buzzer for the youngster.

Akshat performed in front of his proud mother, and both were overcome with emotion in the big moment, and were seen wiping away tears. Akshat then traded hugs and handshakes with Ant and Dec, and was soon on his way to the semi-finals. He didn’t make the cut to the finals, although he has continued to develop his career as an actor and performer in the years since.

If you’re curious to see more from the talented young dancer, Akshat Singh, feel free to follow him on Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy his unique blend of athleticism and comedy as he continues to bring smiles to faces around the world.

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