Wartburg College Choir Sing “Thank You” To United Airlines Staff

Student Choir Sing “Thank You” To United Airlines Staff

There’s no doubt that flying can be a stressful experience, and perhaps that explains the numerous stories we hear about both passengers and crew misbehaving. But, sadly, because you’re ten times more likely to tell the world about a bad experience than a good one, the occasions when service staff go above and beyond often pass without recognition.

That’s what makes this story about the heroic actions of employees of United Airlines so special. Enter the Wartburg College Choir. This choir, which is famous around the world, tours internationally every three years, and around the U.S. during the other years. Each year, this tour is the highlight for all its members and acts as a reward for all their hard work and rehearsals.

Recently, the choir were scheduled to perform in Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska and Texas. They were due to fly out of Minneapolis, heading for Denver to catch a connecting flight to San Antonio, Texas. They weren't counting on Mother Nature throwing a spanner in the works! A huge snowstorm shut down Denver airport, stranding the choir and putting their two San Antonio performances in jeopardy.

United Airlines doesn't fly direct to San Antonio, so it seemed that what was supposed to be one of the best parts of the choir's time in college was going to end in disappointment. Luckily, they had guardian angels among the airline's staff. The United Airtime blog explains what these amazing people did:

The team at MSP realized they had two extra aircraft on hand and made a call to our Network Operations Center to see if they could arrange to use the spare Airbus A319 to take the group nonstop from MSP to San Antonio — which is not a typical routing for us. They were able to make it happen."

Obviously, the choir were over the moon and so touched that the crew at United Airlines moved heaven and earth to get them to their destination. The choir performed a special serenade to convey their gratitude to everyone who made this miracle happen.

Luckily, in the age of the internet, we all get to see this thank you for ourselves. The flight captain, Thomas Osterholm, uploaded it onto YouTube, where it went viral. If you need to smile today, check it out.

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