Dipenegoro University Choir Erupt Into Song During Routine Flight

Dipenegoro University Choir Sing Beautifully On Plane

Even the best, least stressful flights can be a pretty tedious business. Lots of time spent waiting, dealing with crying children, snoring and other people's conversations. That's why when something special happens during a flight, it's extra special.

That was the case for some lucky passengers and flight crew who found themselves on a plane with the Diponegoro University Choir from Indonesia. This tremendously talented choir is ranked 14th in the INTERKULTUR world rankings, and they tour the world to perform.

On a flight from Milan, the choir shared their talent and their love of singing with a plane full of passengers. The video was uploaded to YouTube, has received 130,000 views and many rave reviews. It seems to have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the other passengers.

When the video begins, the students are chatting and laughing together and are obviously in high spirits. Then, an idea seems to spread among them, almost telepathically. They begin to sing, their voices combining in perfect harmony. They continue for a little while, conveying such emotion even though there are no words.

When they begin to sing, it takes this stunning performance to yet another level. The piece they perform is called Soleram, and it is a traditional folk song from Riau province in the choir's home, Indonesia. Despite the majority of the people on the plane not being able to understand a single word, it's obvious how deeply touched they were by it.

Many fellow passengers took out their phones to record the choir, and everyone was beaming in delight. What is incredible is that due to airline seating, each member of the choir could only see the students sitting on their left and right. However, they still managed to sing in complete unison with no direction and no leader to keep them together.

This is a testament to how many times they must have rehearsed that song and how accustomed they are to singing as a group. Everyone on the plane and who has viewed it since it was uploaded is privileged to have witnessed such a beautiful rendition.

A commenter on YouTube said it best: "Must have been the pilot's favorite takeoff of his life ! I know it would be mine, I teared up in the end !"

If you want to see more from these exceptionally talented singers subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow them on Facebook page.

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