Volkswagen Create A Piano Staircase To See If More People Would Use The Stairs

This is a musical social experiment conducted by the car manufacturer Volkswagen. Engineers created a giant piano built into a metro staircase. The piano would play notes as the public stepped on the keys/stairs. The team filmed people’s reactions to the unusual staircase and sought to find out if more people would take the modified stairs rather than the escalator.

As you can see in the video, the results are incredible. The power of music and entertainment strikes again. Imagine falling down the stairs whilst you play an incredible live jazz solo!

This isn’t the first, or last, giant piano to have emerged on YouTube though, there are actually quite a few. When you take the paino off of the staircase and place it flat on the floor, people can actually play it quite well using their feet! In the video below watch two professionals team up to play a giant foot piano!

The Pianoforte Gigante is a group specialising in the use of a giant piano to play awesome tunes through the medium of dance. Just when you didn’t think you could possibly fit in any more talented pianists into our rankings, we come back at you with another surprise.

The group featured in a video on YouTube in 2019 showing them undertaking a truly impressive performance and rendition of the Pirates of the Caribbean. The show starts with two performers hopping gracefully around the oversized piano-style mat.

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