Artology Draws Incredible Time-Lapse Video Of Captain Jack Sparrow

Talent comes in many different forms and this artist is one of the best we’ve seen! This is “Artology” a YouTube channel run by a self-taught illustrator from Birmingham, United Kingdom. He creates unbelievably realistic drawings of comic heroes, footballers and in the video below, Captain Jack Sparrow. Make sure you stay till the end, the results are wonderful!

Artology is the name in which artist Wajid Ali works under. He created a YouTube channel back in December 2016 to upload time-lapse videos of himself drawing. Since then he has amassed nearly 100 million views on the video platform.

His most viewed artwork on YouTube is of a drawing of Spider-man with some incredible detail and expression in the picture. The video below has hit a staggering 6.7 million views to date (17/08/21). Watch him start from a small portion of the superhero’s face all the way till he has created a full-body lifelike drawing.

Artology’s style of drawing is called Realism, which is also sometimes called naturalism. It is defined as the attempt to represent the drawing’s subject matter without artificiality, avoiding stylisation and showcasing the item, person or scene as truthfully as possible.

This is a very unique style that requires training and lots of talent to pull off to the level that Artology does. It’s no wonder his YouTube channel has well over 600k followers and will easily grow into the millions very shortly with this incredible content.

If you want to see more from this incredibly talented artist subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on Instagram.

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