Awesome Vocalists Sing ‘The Prayer’

‘The Prayer’ is a beautiful song which has been covered and sung by many people. The song was written by David Foster, Carole Bayer Sager, Tony Renis and Alberto Testa. The first release was sung by Canadian singer Celine Dion and also in Italian by brilliant tenor singer Andrea Bocelli. It was a song produced for a film called Quest for Camelot in 1998.

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Here from Colombia are two absolutely awesome vocalists, ‘José Salgado’ & ‘Valery Coneo Salgado’. They sing this song so beautifully together. It took us a while to find out who these talented people are, but thanks to the power of the internet we not only could watch them sing, but one of The Music Man’s followers found out their names for us! José Salgado has a Facebook page called JOE MUSIC where he uploads videos of himself singing, check him out (link at the bottom of this post). Their delivery and talent is clear for everyone to see. This duet has gone viral of the duo singing.

If you would like to see more from the awesome talents in the video below check out their Facebook Page and follow them for more awesome videos.

“The Prayer” has become a classic, being covered by many singers across the world. The wonderful lyrics and the beautiful melody has created a strong connection with many listeners. Having been released in Italian and in English and sung by two superstars, the song has gained an international presence.

A father and daughter cover of “The Prayer” has also gone viral recently. Being viewed millions of times and producing interest from around the world, Mat and Savanna Shaw went viral with their first YouTube video upload.

The video below is of the family duo singing in their home during lockdown. Savanna said she and her father started recording videos of them singing to keep in touch with family and friends during their self isolation.

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