Sandy Sax Awesome Saxophone Performance Of ‘Rhythm Of The Night’

Sandy Sax is a very talented saxophone player who recently performed on his balcony during the Coronavirus lockdown in France. Like many musicians recently, he wanted to provide entertainment for everyone currently stuck in their homes during this crisis.

Playing the saxophone over “The Rhythm of the Night”, he turns this club anthem into an incredible saxophone solo classic! “The Rythm of the Night” was originally released by Corona, ironically, which might have been why Sandy Sax chose this piece to play over.

Sandy Sax graduated from Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand Conservatory which is a music school in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Until recently, he was a music teacher only playing in small groups of people and giving lessons to those who wished to learn the saxophone.

In 2014 he decided to start performing publically, playing alongside DJs in clubs and festivals. His career has flourished, taking him around the world playing at many different events in Europe, Uruguay, Singapore, India, China and many more.

The saxophone is a lead instrument, and in many ways can sound similar to a vocal performance. It’s tone works wonderfully as a lead instrument in EDM music, like an awesome sounding synth. This is what Sandy Sax takes advantage of and he does it incredibly well. He has added his wonderful saxophone leads to remixes of Eric Prydz, Hugel, EDX and other famous electro EDM producers.

His own style and talent has given him a great music career and a hectic live performance schedule. A very modern style and approach to playing this classic instrument which I’m sure many of you will love. Sandy is undoubtedly part of a new generation of performers.

Sandy recently did a “lockdown stream” to entertain his fans online. Check out the video below for 30 minutes of awesome sax solos from Sandy Sax.

If you want to hear more from this awesome saxophone player check out his YouTube Channel and subscribe to follow his work!

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