Virtuoso Catholic Nun Amazes Commuters With Angelic Playing

A Catholic nun wowed commuters with a virtuoso display on a public piano, creating angelic sounds before rushing to catch her train. The nun was in full traditional garb, complete with headdress, making for quite a scene as she played a beautiful, rapidfire sequence of notes like a true professional.

Curious passersby stopped their commute to see her light up the piano, while several started filming the special moment. The striking video has since gone viral, with 3.7 million viewers tuning in to see her smooth, melodic playing. Check it out in the video below.

The nun liberally used the sustain pedal on the piano, giving her playing a pleasing reverb that added to the angelic feel of her performance. She showed herself to be a true master of the instrument, playing at incredible speed and creating gorgeous melodies on the fly, all while maintaining a solid right hand groove. No one was in a hurry to get on the piano after she played, as following up that sister act would be quite a heavy task.

Before playing, the nun said that she only had “two minutes”, and she was true to her word as after almost exactly two minutes of playing, she picked up her bags as the crowd applauded and made her way to her waiting connection. The video was posted by YouTuber Brendan Kavanagh, who has uploaded a number of popular public piano performances from commuters on his channel. Check out his rollicking duet with a talented senior citizen below, which is his most popular upload at 40 million views.

Music lovers online were big fans of the nun’s solo, adding comments such as “She could close her eyes and play. She’s a natural born piano player. Just incredible!” and “Wow, she is playing music like the angels! Thank you, Sister, truly a gift from God!” Another commenter speculated that the nun must have been the choir pianist at her convent, allowing her to get plenty of time to sharpen her formidable piano chops.

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