Watch The Moment Sidney Kimble West And Sam West Steal Dominate Pro Dance Competition With Swing Routine

For many, performing with their loved ones is a dream come true. Some families are incredibly musical, others theatrical, and bond together over performing together in one way or another. This can make their bond even stronger than blood, with their successes tied into one another and a family reputation that can span generations.

For Sidney Kimble West and her father, Sam West, this is exactly what was about to happen when they performed at the 2020 National SHAG Dance Championships. We will come to learn that Sam West is, in fact, somewhat of a secret legend when it comes to dance, but for now, you can watch the father-daughter performance of Ben E. King’s ‘Stand By Me’ in the video below:

As the pair are introduced, one might think that this is going to be a dance like any other. The crowd is enthusiastic, but the father-daughter combination is fairly stone-faced. That is until their feet start moving and the beat of ‘Stand By Me’ begins to sway. Immediately thereafter, their feet seem to glide over the floor with smooth precision, and the joy begins to erupt on their faces as they do what they love, together as a family.

This NDSC is hardly Sam West’s first foray into the world of dance. It became a fond interest of his from the young age of nine years old when his mother introduced him to dancing. Since then, he began dancing in school and went on to win two junior national titles with his dance partner Terri Alberty.

Since then, Sam West has become an iconic name in the shag dance scene. It’s no wonder, either. His consistent wins at dance competitions and the legendary status of his father – Shad – who is considered to be one of the greatest shag dancers in history, made him an influential member of the scene. It’s no wonder then, that Sam would go on to coach shag dancing across the country with his partner, Lisa.

The element of family, and the long history of dance, connects Sam, Sydney, and Lisa in such a beautiful way. It’s a huge part of their life, and the enjoyment they receive is projected onto the audience, who in the video above, are clearly mesmerised by their performance.

It’s not just Sam West who has had previous glory in this particular dance competition, either. Sydney Kimberley West has performed with her father before at the NDSC, and from the video, it’s no wonder why they have won several times. Knowing what we know about Sam, it only makes sense that this particular style of dancing will run in the family.

In fact, in 2023 Sam and Lisa West took to the NDSC stage once again, but this time in the Senior Division. They may have progressed in their years, but that hasn’t stopped them from dominating the dance floor! Sam’s oh-so-smooth leg work and Lisa’s delicate choreography are a true recipe for success, and we’re sure that they will be dancing the night away for more years to come. If you would like to see more from Sam West / Lisa West, you can visit their official website for more information.

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