2-Year-Old Starts Weeping Hearing His Sister Play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata On Piano

2-Year-Old Tyler

This is 2-year-old Tyler Noftz becoming emotional listening to his sister perform a classical piece at her piano recital. The video of the youngster showing his emotional side has been picked up by major UK news outlets after Tyler’s father uploaded the video to the internet with the caption ‘This little guy is moved by the music’.

Most kids of Tyler’s age would probably be crying due to the burden of having to sit through a classical music recital, however, Tyler’s reaction has prompted musicians across the world to urge his parents to buy him a musical instrument. Below is another video that showcases a young baby being taken over by his emotions as his mother sings to him.

Why Can Music Make Us Emotional?

Most of us have experienced that moment when you’re listening to a song and it just hits you in an emotional sweet spot and we start to well up. The mechanisms behind why this happens are not fully known, however, there has been broad research conducted into music’s capability to trigger an emotional reaction.

There have been multiple studies that have seen classical music create an emotional response in listeners. This is believed to be a more complex arrangement of emotions than a “happy” listener of dance music would experience. The mixture of emotions includes a ‘partially positive’ feeling that allows the listener to feel the music and not become uncomfortable and want to leave. It’s like a mixture of “happy crying” and “sad crying” merged together.

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