17 Month Old Twins Have Hilarious Conversation In The Kitchen

17 Month Old Twins Have Hilarious Conversation

A YouTube video featuring two 17 month old toddlers has racked up a seriously impressive 210 million views after the world laughed and was left puzzled by their brilliant kitchen conversation.

Without saying a word, except for “Dada”, the two youngsters became an internet sensation leaving viewers pondering what they were talking about! Some people, including ABC news, thought that the kids may have come up with their own “twin secret language”. We’ll let you watch the video below and decide for yourself!

Experts Say No To Secret Language

Language development experts have debunked this wild theory saying just like other twins who appear to be communicating with a higher level of language, they’re just be showing an exaggerated version of how most children learn to communicate.

Virginia Valian, language development and speech expert said, “These two adorable 17-month-olds show in an exaggerated way something that most children show, but usually not nearly so developed”.

What’s All That ‘da da da’ Business?

The head of the Language Acquisition Research Center at Hunter College in New York continued to say, “The reduplication of babbling — all that ‘da da da’ business — is very common. Among hearing children, it’s universal, though most children don’t do it quite to that extreme,”. This was the second time these famous twins were caught on video chatting, see part one in the video below.

Babies do a lot of analysis of language in the womb meaning that when they’re born, they have already created some advanced skills of recognising the different sounds humans create. For example, a baby born into an English-speaking family could be able to tell the difference between people speaking English and French.

Their parents didn’t continue to film the twins’ conversations as they grew up. So I guess we will never know what their conversation was about, however, at least it looked like it was fun!

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