3 Month Old Baby And Mother Have A Heart Melting Conversation

Baby Tries To Have A Conversation With Mother


Communication is a vital skill for all humans. Music is a way for us to connect on an emotional, spiritual and vocal level, however, to write great songs we need to first know words!

This little guy is called Carlton who was only 3 months old when this video was taken. His adorable conversation with his mother caught the hearts of millions around the world as we watched him learn turn-taking and vocalization!

Learning To Talk


According to the website parents.com, “Babies listen from day one. They learn to associate sounds with their sources, like barking with the family dog.” The website explains the process a young baby between the ages of 0 and 6 months will take before saying their first words.

The site continues to explain, “Her first communication will be crying, but she’ll soon start using her tongue, lips, and palate to make gurgles and long vowel sounds like “oo,” “aa,” and “ee”—precursors to Baby’s first words.” This is what makes little Carlton’s video so impressive, he is making these advanced sounds at just 3 months old. Take a look at the two twins in the video below, they’re trying to communicate with language.

The First Words Of A New Language


Sometimes beautiful moments are caught on camera but most of the time they’re missed. The pure joy on this little girls face when her dad comes walking up the stairs is beautiful to watch.

The little ones name is “Rosie” and she said her first word “Dad” and “Daddy” on camera in a moment of pure happiness. The video was uploaded to by TikTok user @noticingthehappy which is run by a mother of three (Ava, Mabel and Rosie). Take a look at Rosie saying her first words in the video below.

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