Musician’s Play Toy Guitar In Walmart Reaching 8M Views With An Awesome Cover

Clay Shelburn and Zac Stokes decided one day to pay a visit to a Walmart store and give a recorded performance unlike we have seen.

The duo grabbed a toy guitar, started their phone recording and began playing. Shelburn starts playing the riff to the Stevie Ray Vaughan mega-hit “Pride and Joy” and you can clearly see stokes getting, well… stoked.

The skill in which Shelburn plays the toy guitar is nothing short of amazing, strumming and picking the tiny guitar with the dexterity and confidence of an experienced musician. Shelburn has a smooth bluesy voice, with plenty of style and panache in his vocals. You can clearly tell that he is a regular performer with an adept style of guitar playing.

This video got so popular that Walmart actually invited these two musicians to perform at a showcase they were putting on for their employees. Watch their second Walmart performance in the video below.

Following the first verse and chorus Stokes jumps in and wow, what a voice. Stokes compliments Shelburn’s vocals with his extra gravel-laden voice and power. The two performing together is a feast for the ears and will surely entertain the masses with no issue.

The two went on to perform the entire song in the aisle of the Walmart store and later Walmart flew them out to perform live on stage in front of 2000 Walmart employees at a live show of epic proportions. The two clearly have an excellent dynamic which helps them perform with expert levels of skill and showmanship. To see more from Clay Shelburn and Zac Stokes you can find them on their YouTube Channels.

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