Three Strangers Create A Song In The Street Before Continuing With Their Lives

Street Busker Jesse Rya

Often we see nowadays the collaborations of street artists, joining up and creating magical performances of covers, often drawing in huge crowds of onlookers as they perform their pieces, but very rarely do we see three strangers meet up on the street and completely create a new song, without prompting or pre-planning.

This is exactly what happened when YouTuber Jaime Maldonado stumbles upon Jesse Rya, a guitarist, and singer, performing outside of a store. Maldonado starts filming Rya singing and playing his own song when all of a sudden, another onlooker starts to join in, singing along with Rya and creating his own back-in lyrics and harmony for the song.

The two start performing together, creating a beautiful, acoustic melody that is reminiscent of a Justin Timberlake performance. The trio even got featured on American TV’s Jimmy Kimmel show. Watch their performance in the video below.

Before long another passer-by stops and starts a rap sequence alongside the performance and before long the three are singing and performing as one. Almost as quickly as it starts, the performance is over and the three go off their separate ways, leaving Maldonado to revel in what he has just witnessed.

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Busking has become a well-respected tradition on the street, regardless of where you come from. They are easy to spot, it’s sometimes someone with a guitar and a mini-amp or it can oftentimes be a whole band, performing their own songs or covers of originals out in the public, purely to share their talents with the world.

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