The Sixsters All Girl Rock Band From Ukraine

Whilst The Sixsters are an all-girl band of 12 to 17-year-olds, they’re anything but your average teeny-boppers. Their music is described by fans as 'Fist-pumping', 'Headbanging' and 'Power rockin’ with an altogether punky vibe!

The Ukrainian girls, who originally got together in the spring of 2018, are Kira Kasyanova on vocals, Maria Krutsenko and Anya Voloshina on guitar. Taisiya Voznychka and Kira Panchenko (who is an understudy for Taisiya) on bass guitar, Maya Podolska on the keyboard and Katya Kuzyakina on drums.

Although not sisters like the name would suggest, the friends developed a unique bond and spent the last 4-years rocking it out together. Their mutual love and appreciation for rock music meant the girls had 12 original songs within a year, with help from Pavlo Gudimov, a Ukrainian musician best known as the guitarist in the rock band, Okean Elzy.

Their debut performance was at the "Black Sea Games", an all-Ukrainian charity children's festival, in 2018 with a song called “Добрий ранок, Україно!” which translates to “Good morning, Ukraine!”

In 2021, The Sixsters released the official video to their song, Media Minion. An excited audience looked on as the band delivered a powerful performance, complete with cheerleaders dancing in the background. Their love for rock and roll is apparent throughout, and with over 50k views, so is their fan base. It reached Radio Indie Alliance’s Top 10 on the 25th of April 2022 – a great success for the band.

The girls have performed at numerous concerts, such as the Cover Rock Festival in Kyiv, (2018) and the Faine Misto open-air festival in Ternopil (2019). They’ve taken part in both local and international contests and were winners of the Antibody band competition.

To date, The Sixsters have released two albums: World in 2020, with six tracks, including Volcanoes and I vote. And Studies in 2021. They are an independent band and so don’t have the support of a music label. But with the backing of their families, supporters and a creative team, the girls are on track to create more great music in the future.

On their Go Get Funding page, the band call their music "honest rock with interesting content and a girl's soul". And this is certainly the case with their new 2022 song, “Правда” which translates to “Truth”. With the words “Stop Putin Stop War” as the background image and a strong anti-war message, The Sixsters received a huge deal of support in Youtube comments alone. They collaborated with the well-known German musician and drummer, Sina Doering, and fans were delighted with the finished track.

Posting on their social media pages, the girls are grateful for the support shown to them with the current Ukrainian problems. And they continue to share their music where possibly.

Recently, Katya posted photos from her “Charity concerts from Katya for children” performance to their Instagram and Patreon accounts. Fans reached out, praising her not just for her drumming skills but for helping people escape the madness that surrounds them in Ukraine. If you want to see more from this talented band from Ukraine, subscribe to their YouTube channel or you can follow them on Facebook.

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