The Police’s 2008 Reunion Performance Of “Every Breath You Take”

There’s no doubt that “Every Breath You Take” was The Police’s all-time greatest hit. Released in 1983 on The Police’s final studio album, “Synchronicity,” this track has come to define the band’s sound entirely. It hit #1 in six countries from the UK to South Africa, and was even sampled in Puff Daddy’s 1997 hip-hop tribute track, “I’ll Be Missing You.”

25 years after its release, the track’s legacy was living on stronger than ever, aging like fine wine whilst capturing the sound of 1980s nostalgia. The Police’s reunion 2008 gig at the Tokyo Dome in Japan proves it — with 94 million YouTube views, this rare modern performance continues to captivate audiences worldwide, an instant throwback to the golden age of pop.

Three-piece bands are unusually stable in lineup (just look at Green Day), and The Police are no exception, consisting of lead vocalist, bassist, and songwriter Sting (now 72 years old), guitarist Andy Summers (81), and drummer Stewart Copeland (71) since their debut album. Returning to the stage in their original formation for their 2008 Tokyo reunion gig, The Police’s original members remain one of the most iconic trios in rock and, just like their music, their talent doesn’t age a day.

Despite disbanding in 1986 after five UK Top 10 albums, the original Police trio remain absolute icons, listed amongst the best-selling music artists in pop history. The “Synchronicity” album stayed on the album charts for a shocking 48 weeks straight, while “Every Breath You Take” remained a UK #1 for four weeks. The track even won two Grammy Awards in 1984 for Song Of The Year and Best Pop Performance By a Duo or Group with Vocals.

The London band’s breakup didn’t halt the creative power of its performers, nor did it dull their presence on the music scene. Sting’s solo career has been thriving since ’85, releasing his latest record, “The Bridge” in 2021. Stewart Copeland has diverted his percussive talents over to film & TV soundtracks, video game scores, and other orchestral compositions. Meanwhile, Andy Summers’ solo project gave way to a host of instrumental collaborations, solo albums, and, in 2014, a new band titled Circa Zero. He even plays in a Police tribute band, Call The Police!

Puff Daddy’s 1997 use of “Every Breath You Take” in his own track sparked renewed interest in the original, introducing one of pop’s greatest riffs to a new generation. This wasn’t without controversy; however, it allowed for a resurgence of love for the rock original. Another surprising revelation about this world-famous love song is that Sting revealed “Every Breath You Take” wasn’t intended to be a love song at all. Instead, it was more a song about obsession, surveillance, and other darker, lustful themes.

Despite these controversies, The Police’s hit has remained largely unaffected. With 94 million views on its Tokyo 2008 performance alone, a staggering 1.2 billion views on the song’s official music video, and over 1.7 million subscribers to their YouTube channel, “Every Breath You Take” remains a sensation. It continues to define the sound of 80s pop for younger generations, with atmospheres as chilling as they were 41 years ago.

If you want to relive the magic of The Police and their timeless hit “Every Breath You Take,” you can follow their YouTube Channel where you can watch performances like their 2008 reunion gig at the Tokyo Dome. You can also stay updated with the band by following their official Facebook Page and Instagram Account. To know more about the iconic trio of Sting, Andy Summers, and Stewart Copeland, visit The Police’s official website.

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