Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With Smokie Classic “Living Next Door To Alice” Live

Smokie had a worldwide hit with “Living Next Door To Alice” in 1976, and frontman Chris Norman can still bring it live, as heard on his gorgeous acoustic version of the classic performed live in Germany. The English rocker played the song at the Private Music Club in Dortmund in December 2004, and many fans enjoyed the trip down memory lane when they heard the iconic tune.

Norman’s live version attracted 17 million views, which makes it the most popular cut of the song on YouTube, aside from the official video clip. The English frontman, who was born on October 25, 1950, was 54 at the time, but he still has the same lithe voice and he soon had the whole crowd singing and clapping along.

Many fans who tuned in said they enjoyed the hit growing up and still loved it today, adding comments such as “Doesn’t matter what age Chris is, he still sounds the same, absolutely fabulous” and “A talent for great songs. I’m already 66 years old, but Chris Norman is still relevant to me. Thank you.”

Norman kicked off his solo career in 1982, and has released 23 solo albums since. However, his band Smokie, which formed in 1963, has been continuously active during that time as well. In addition to writing a raft of classic songs, the band can really deliver it live. Another popular live cut from the rockers is “Mexican Girl”, recorded at the ZDF Disco on October 2, 1978. This vintage live performance is among their most popular, having attracted 32 million views on YouTube.

“Living Next Door to Alice” was written by Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, who produced and wrote a number of Smokie songs over the years. The Australian pop group New World was the first band to record the song in 1972, gaining a top 40 hit in their homeland.

However, “Living Next Door to Alice” really gained momentum when Smokie released their version in 1976. The Smokie version was a top five hit on the UK Singles chart, and it reached number one in Germany, Austria, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, and Switzerland. The song about unrequited love has continued to be popular with Smokie fans over the years, and has become their signature song as well as their most popular track on streaming services.

Discover more from Smokie, best known for their worldwide hit “Living Next Door To Alice”, by visiting their YouTube Channel. Experience their charismatic frontman, Chris Norman, bringing nostalgia and classic rock to life. You can also join their community of fans and follow their journey on their Facebook page. Join in with the 17 million others who viewed their popular acoustic version of their iconic hit. With a voice that hasn’t aged, Chris still manages to get every crowd singing and clapping along, making each performance a memorable one for Smokie fans, both old and new.

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