The Kiffness Remixed Shira Choir’s Viral Dinner Performance

About The Kiffness


The Kiffness is one of South Africa’s best video and music content creators in the industry today. David Scott is the founder and main content producer behind The Kiffness’ awesome social media content. The Kiffness is fast becoming one of South Africa’s favourite electronic music acts with their jazzy, groovy and addictively uplifting house music. Utilising high engagement video content on social media, the group has grown an adoring fan base across the world who are real ambassadors for the brand.

During a dinner at a bar in Brooklyn, New York City, a choir who were dining on the evening burst into song. A video taken of the group singing an a capella rendition of “Im Hashem Lo Yivneh Bayis” quickly went viral after it was uploaded to the internet. Their perfect harmonies and passionate delivery of this super catchy song caught the attention of a talent producer who did something very special with the video. The Kiffness added another level to this viral moment turning the original viral video into a hit song, be warned, it’s super catchy.

In the video below you can watch one of The Kiffness’ most popular creations. The video features a blind street musician called Bilal Göregen (@Bilal Göregen) playing a well-known Finnish song called “Ievan Polkka” using a hand drum called a Darbuka. Bilal went viral in 2020 after memes of a “cat vibing” took over the internet sending his popularity sky high.

In the video below The Kiffness remixes a popular video from Zaza Kanto. These are some of the poorest children in Madagascar but their harmonies and musical passion is some of the richest you’ll ever hear.

Other than their fast-growing audience online, the group have racked up a total of 3 SAMA nominations and 10 singles playlisted across South African national radio stations, all of which have reached top 10 status in the top 40 charts.

Between 2007 and 2009 David Scott studied music and was awarded a bachelor of arts honors degree at Rhodes Univerity. He featured in multiple bands throughout his studies at Rhodes University and also DJ’d at a couple of nightclubs. With a wealth of experience and musical knowledge behind him, he started The Kiffness project in 2011 after he arrived in the City of Cape Town, Western Cape, where he went to pursue his music career.

After posting the video collaborating with a cat, The Kiffness was sent lots of videos from musicians adding their own tracks on top of the popular mix. In a recent video, the South African music producer created an edit showcasing some of the best videos that were sent in layered over the original creation, and it’s awesome!

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David Scott


Dave is a hardworking, determined, and seriously talented musician who took himself from a bedroom producer with bags of creativity to being regarded as one of the best musical artists in South Africa. He has collaborated with names such as Tresor, Shortstraw, Moonchild, Samuel Miller & Mathew Gold.

The Kiffness has had incredible success on the radio which gained them the fan base to headline some of South Africa’s most reputable festivals such as Rocking the Daisies, Splashy Fen & Park Acoustics, and more.

Raiven Hansmann

Hansmann joined Dave on stage back in 2017 to play saxophone and the synthesiser. However, he had been involved in the writing of multiple of Kiffness’ tracks before then. Mathew Gold, a friend of the group, also has made appearances on stage during live shows adding more live vocals to the mix.

Band Members


When playing live Dave is joined by saxophone and keys player Raiven Hunter and vocalist Mathew Gold. The electronic music group’s previous members have featured Mvelo Shandu on the bass (2011 – 2013) and Clem Carr playing the saxophone and keys (2014 – 2016).

If you want watch more from this extremely creative musician, subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow his Facebook page. You can also visit his official website by clicking here.

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