German Polka Group The Heimatdamisch Make Fun Cover Of Sweet Child O’ Mine

Get ready to hear a truly unique cover of Sweet Child o’ Mine by German polka band The Heimatdamisch. There are generally two ways to go when making a cover of a very famous song. The first is to keep it the same as the original but perform it exceptionally well.

The second is to make it as different as you possibly can, and sometimes this produces musical gold. For example, the wonderfully quirky cover of Oasis hit Wonderwall by Mike Flowers Pop. This is the path The Heimatdamisch have taken.

In the ’80s Guns and Roses were one of the biggest bands on earth with a string of famous hits. Sweet Child o’ Mine was one of their biggest hits, and even today you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t know the song by heart. It’s played regularly on almost every pop and rock station, even today. The opening riff, in particular, is a big hit with fans. It’s not surprising considering Slash wrote it, and he’s one of the most gifted guitarists in the world.

It is surprising that such a huge heavy metal hit would be covered by a polka group. As musical genres go, they seem to be polar opposites. However, it’s one of those instances when opposites attract and create musical magic. The Heimatdamisch have covered lots of famous songs, including Kids in Bavaria (get it!), Ghostbusters and Sex on Fire. They inject a wonderful fun element into every song they cover.

When the video starts, the band is rather scenically located in a wooden cabin. Wearing leather shorts and waistcoats, they look like they stepped off the set of Heidi. The musicians are raring to go and launch into the unmistakable opening riff. The twist? It’s played on a trumpet! It sounds fabulous and the soloist is soon joined by the rest of the band. Not on guitars, though. This is a polka group; they play the accordion, the clarinet, the drums and the trombone.

They play extremely well, and it sounds so fun. It’s completely different from the original, and yet it still sounds so familiar. Although few could ever hope to match Axl Rose’s thrilling, screaming voice, lead singer Conny Kreitmeier does an amazing job. She looks every inch a polka singer in a pretty floral pinafore with a white top underneath. As she begins to sing, her voice matches the band’s vibe and sounds terrific.

As the song approaches Slash’s famous guitar solo, you can’t help but wonder how the band will replicate it. Luckily they have a saxophonist who is more than talented enough to nail it. Once that final hurdle is complete, Conny lifts her voice in song and brings it home.

If you’ve never heard it, you need to check it out as it’s one of the most unique and fun covers you’re ever likely to hear. YouTube agrees; it’s been watched almost 7.5 million times and received 97,000 likes. Who knew we all needed a little polka in our lives? If you would like to see more from these talented musicians you can subscribe to them on their YouTube channel.

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