Helene Fischer And Philias Martinek Sing An Emotional Rendition Of “All Of Me” By John Legend

Helene Fischer is a world-famous German singer, as well as dancer, entertainer and TV presenter. She was ranked seventh in the world’s biggest touring musicians in 2018 and has sold more than 15 million records.

The star, who first hit the stage in 2005, has dueted with many famous faces including Robbie Williams (in The Christmas Present – “Santa Baby”), Michael Bolton (on various duets such as “Make You Feel My Love”) and Germany’s “The Voice Kids” sensation, Philias Martinek. Philias has suffered from a growth disorder that slowed down the hormones in his body making him unusually small for his age. Unfortunately, he faced bullying for this condition at school, which made this sensational performance even better when he got to show the world his incredible talent.

Appearing with Helene on her self-titled tv series, The Helene Fischer Show in 2018, Philias, then aged 13, sang a wonderful rendition of the John Legend song, “All of Me” with the host. The emotional performance, accompanied only by an onstage pianist, had the audience captivated. Philias’ father had tears of joy, and as the song drew to an end, a well-deserved standing ovation was received from all.

Before leaving the stage, Helene told Philias, “ihr könnt stolz auf euch schon sein” which translates to “you can be proud of yourself”. And this resonated with Youtube watchers who took to the comments. One wrote “Amazing! That kid has a gift very few are blessed with…” while another put, “What great talent the both of them are. This was just perfection. Truly beautiful.”

Fischer praised Martinek even before he appeared on stage: “When I think back to what I did at his age … he’s a real all-rounder,” she said. “Not only is he a fantastic singer, he makes his own YouTube videos, he’s a passionate cook, he paints and he’s toying with the idea of ​​being an actor – and from the way I’ve met him, he’s going to achieve it all. He is a smart, sweet little fellow.”

Martinek said, “I felt quite honored to be able to sing with Helene Fischer. I thought it was so beautiful how many people I seemed to have touched with my singing. Some even had tears in their eyes. I could see that from the stage.”.

Philias, (or Phili as he calls himself) has more than 390K subscribers on his Youtube channel, which is pretty impressive for the almost 17-year-old who rose to fame with the help of Mark Foster, a singer/songwriter and mentor on The Voice Kids. Phili shares a mix of DIYs and cover songs, receiving thousands and even millions of hits on each video.

The song “All of Me” was first released by John Legend on his fourth album “Love in the Future” in 2013. Legend dedicated the song, which he wrote along with Toby Gad, to his wife, Chrissy Teigen, who he married in the same year. Come May 2014, the single hit the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, selling 4.67 million copies. If you want to see more from this talented young singer, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel or you can follow him on Instagram.

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