The California Honeydrops R&B And Blues Band From The USA

From The Subway To The Stage: The California Honeydrops

The California Honeydrops is an R&B and Blues band from America. The band’s journey started off with just two members in 2007 when they started by performing in subway stations in Oakland, California.

Since then, they have been joined by another three members, totaling the band to five. The band consists of vocalist, trumpeter and guitarist Lech Wierzynski, drummer Ben Malament, Johnny Bones on clarinet and tenor sax, bassist Beau Bradbury, and keyboardist Lorenzo Loera.

Moving away from their subway start and onto the stages of America, The California Honeydrops have toured their way through numerous states. They have been accompanied by support acts, including Allen Toussaint, B.B. King, and many more.

Before The California Honeydrops show in Tipitina, New Orleans, they took to the street to perform and were joined by vocalist Joshua Starkman. They have all gathered around, perched upon seats, and Starkman kicks off the performance and counts them in.

Throughout the performance, the band are laughing and smiling, and bring high energy. The wide array of instruments, including the guitar, trumpet, clarinet, and tambourine, encapture the true feel of this American blues band.

The vocals are led by The California Honeydrops lead vocalist Lech Wierzynski as they perform a cover of the 1962 hit ‘Hotel Happiness’ by Brook Benton. When the song nears the chorus, the rest of the band interject and echo some of the vocals and lyrics.

At the end of the performance, Starkman leaps up and high fives the rest of the band, and shouts ‘Nailed it! Have a great day everybody!’ Their vivacious performance embodies the distinctive music of New Orleans and irradiates a positive, joyful atmosphere.

The California Honeydrops have an upcoming winter tour, which consists of thirteen dates, performing in four states in America. The tour begins in Sebastopol, California on December 14, and closes in Crystal Bay, Nevada on January 29. They then have a later one-off show on April 3 in Squaw Valley, California. Tickets are still available for all dates.

Despite making it to the stage, The California Honeydrops have remained authentic to their roots and beginning, and continue to bring joy to those who hear them. If you want to see more from these brilliant musicians, subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow them on Facebook.

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