Blue Man Group Invade Offices Of An American Radio Station

Who Are The Blue Man Group?

The Blue Man Group isn’t your typical ensemble of performers. Always performing in a group of three, the group is a mix of visual stimulation and auditory brilliance. The men who perform are covered in blue paint, thus the name, and have been together since their creation by Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink in 1987.

More About Their Performances

Their performances combine music and art in a spectacular showing of unusual performances which wow their crowds as well as leaving them with an air of bamboozlement. The Blue Men perform mute, never uttering a word throughout their entire performances, often leaving a wake of mystery and suspense in every performance.

The group are percussionists primarily and work off a series of unusual instruments which seem, in essence, to be plucked from the very space in which these unusual performers have appeared. Out of this world and amusing to observe, the Blue Men always appear to be slightly naïve of the outside world, often reacting in surprise to even the simplest of modern technology.

They gain a lot of their performance from crowd reactions, again, often reacting with surprise and confusion at the audience’s reaction to their performances, lending an air of innocence to the performance which comes across as funny yet endearing.


The Blue Man Group have performed all over the world since their inception in 1987 and have become one of the most famous shows on the planet, often spending years in Las Vegas performing weekly shows for the thousands of visitors to the gambling capital of the world.

The Blue Man Group has found fame on TV shows and advertising campaigns, their blue skin an easy to spot trademark of their show, resulting in them becoming a household name in the US.

The group apart from being blue and funny, are exceptional musicians, working through their performances by utilising a wide array of instruments that boggle the mind and amuse the crowd.

One of their more popular videos on YouTube shows the Blue Man Group performing at NPR as part of a Tiny Desk Concert. The show is equal parts amazing and funny, the Blue Men running riot in the station before meeting at the shows start point to perform an unusual set with a variety of instruments. The set ends with the blue men getting the crowd involved in a strange meditation practice which has them all rolling around laughing by the end of the performance, trust us, you really have to see it to believe it.

See More From The Blue Man Group

For more of the Blue Man Group’s performances, visit their YouTube channel, or find them on Facebook.

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