The Best Video Viral Videos Of 2021

Every year we are blessed with more awesome video content from around the world. Over recent years, the growth in technology has allowed more people to carry high-quality cameras on their phones resulting in millions of entertaining videos that circulate the internet every day.

We’re not sure who the people in the video below are. If you know their names or have any information about them please let us know in the comments so we can credit them! We believe their beautiful timing should be recognised as the skipping sensations they are!

Dancing like Michael Jackson is an impossible feat for most people, but not for this Swiss army troop. He takes the opportunity to showcase his moves in front of his colleagues in full army uniform, including boots, in the middle of military camp!

Although we have seen many artists go viral on our platform over the last 12 months, this post will be aimed at videos we were unable to fully write up due to a lack of information or otherwise. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy them all!

Below we have another brilliant video of three kids and their grandad dancing in the streets. Their unique dance style has caught a lot of people’s attention, some wishing their grandad could dance like that! This video was filmed somewhere in China, however, we’re unsure where or who the family in the video are.

Kids are responsible for some of the best viral videos on the internet. Their cheeky humour and innocent approach to life have spread joy and happiness to millions across the world.

Know any kids that love to rock? This little one has got a new favorite artist as she rocks out to Little Richard’s “Good Golly Miss Molly”.

A video of an amazing little boy playing the accordion on the street emerged recently. His skill level is through the roof for such a young man. The video looks to be recorded on a mobile phone however, we’re not sure who he is, if anyone knows his name please let us know in the comments below.

We will continue to update this post as we find more interesting videos. Please leave a comment letting us know who any of these brilliant unknown talents are!

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