The Beautiful Moment When Music Triggered Ballerina With Alzheimer’s To Remember Her Routine

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The woman in the video is called Marta Cinta González Saldaña who sadly passed away later in the year after this video was recorded. Marta was a ballet dancer in her youth who clearly still had vivid memories of her dancing days, which seemed to be brought to the surface through music. She says at the end of the video “It makes me emotional”.

This heartwarming video of a woman with Alzheimer’s has been circulating the internet recently. The video was uploaded by an organisation in Spain called Música Para Despertar, which translates into English as Music to Awaken, who are dedicated to promoting the value music brings to the lives of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Below is another beautiful showcase of how music can help and improve the lives of people with memory problems.

The video above is from the YouTube channel Music & Memory. Learn more about this inspirational man on their YouTube channel.

Although the video of Marta, the former ballerina, was shot in 2019, the footage was only recently uploaded by Música Para Despertar after which it was watched by millions of people. Unfortunately, like many stories on the internet, some of the claims made about the video are false, including where Marta use to perform as a ballerina.

Marta was not a member of the “New York Ballet”, but she apparently ran her own dance company in the city of New York. Other uploads of the video cut to different shots of a ballerina being portrayed as Marta in her youth. The ballerina is not Marta and is actually Ulyana Lopatkina, a Russian prima ballerina who performed with the Mariinsky Theatre from 1991–2017. However, none of this takes away from the video which in its own right shows how music can evoke memories in the minds of those suffering from this dreadful disease.

Música Para Despertar is a brilliant organisation that stands for a great cause. Hopefully, with efforts from them and similar organisations we can find a cure for this dreadful illness.

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