Teddy Swims Singer-Songwriter With A Unique Voice From The USA

Jaten Dimsdale, better known as Teddy Swims, is a singer/songwriter of epic proportions hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. The singer has recently soared into the music industry’s eye after recently signing a deal with Warner Records.

Swims currently carries an impressive following of 2.77 million followers on YouTube, his channel is an ode to pretty much every music genre. Swims showcases his exceptional vocal talents through various covers of well-known soul, R&B, ballad, country and rock anthems. Check out this video of Swims giving a beautifully soulful performance of Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love.”

Swims breaches the gap between various genres, never afraid to take on any type of musical cover. His exceptional vocal range and soulful style allows him to tackle some of the “Big Hitters” of the musical world, these include, but are in no way limited to his covers of Luther Vandross’s “Never too Much,” Chris Stapleton’s fan favourite “Tennessee Whiskey” as well as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s “Rock with You.”

In all these covers, Swims brings a truly unique style and joyful performance to each and every one. Often, in his cover videos, Swims appears in a light-hearted mood, smiling and laughing in each one as he belts out his wonder-covers.

It is no wonder that Swims new song “Broke” saw him collaborating with country music legend Thomas Rhett. The two make a truly dynamic pairing, Swims being able to harmonise with Rhett and sing like they have been performing together for years, but of course; that is exactly what we have grown to expect from Swims.

One of his most popular songs, a cover of R&B singer Mario’s song “Let Me Love You” has racked up a gobsmacking 35 million views on YouTube. In the video it shows a poncho wearing Swims, singing the R&B song with a truly impressive range and gravel. Swims has the perfect amalgamation of blues rhythm, country grit and soul drawl in his singing style. This mega-blend of styles allows for Swims to captivate his audiences with his unique and refreshingly clear tones, whilst giving an engaging performance in his video, backed by his best friends and band “Elefvnts.”

If you want to watch more from this incredible vocalist, subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow his Facebook page.

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