Supermarket Staff Randomly Start Singing Amongst Shoppers Causing Surprise

There are lots of ways to promote a new opera season, but Vilnius City Opera chose the unique option of singing for shoppers in a supermarket. Shoppers at Maxima supermarket in Vilnius, Lithuania, were having a typical day, pottering around the shelves collecting their shopping. Then, out of nowhere, a flash mob appeared and made their shopping trip extraordinary.

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The performers were members of the Vilnius City Opera, and they were there to promote the start of their new opera season. At first, they blended in with the other shoppers, complete with baskets. They continued to mingle until the music started to play.

As the melody of the famous opera La Traviata filled the air, the supremely talented tenor and soprano started singing. At first, the crowd looked confused but gradually began to realise where the music was coming from, and the delighted shoppers began to tug each other’s sleeves and point.

Everyone present, young and old, seemed delighted at this musical interlude. One extra enthusiastic lady even took her enjoyment a step further. She began to dance along and even conduct the singers using not a traditional conductors baton but rather a red apple!

In the past, this performance could only have been witnessed if you were lucky enough to be present at the time. Now we live in a world of smartphones and video sharing sites, and the internet is loving this video!

“Look at your unexpected audience. They are beaming. Hurray to your community and your store management. Such a delight to witness those from early to late age absorbing this lovely gift. Thank you for sharing, from out here in WWW land.”

If you want to see more from this brilliant city opera, subscribe to their YouTube channel and keep up to date with their latest work.

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