South Korean Street Musician Sungho Jung Performs The Mission Impossible Soundtrack In A Way You’ve Never Heard Before

The Mission Impossible soundtrack is one of the most recognized and appreciated soundtracks in modern cinema, but it isn’t best known for its impressive arrangement. Its simplicity is a huge part of its impact, but one Korean busker was on his very own mission to make this modern classic soundtrack even more memorable. He did this through some exceptional acoustic guitar skills and a dazzling show to boot, and it is a wonder to behold.

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Korea has created some of the world’s biggest pop groups, but that isn’t the only area of musical expertise the country is known for. All around the streets of Korean cities, some immensely talented buskers have a wealth of skills to show off to the world, and today’s busker is no exception. His name is Sungho Jung, and his videos have amassed hundreds of thousands of views, with his performances ranging from covers of popular songs and soundtracks to more original works. Watch below:

To quickly gather the crowd’s attention, he performs the unmistakable tune of the Mission Impossible soundtrack. This clever tactic was sure to turn a few heads, but the unsuspecting audience was taken aback when Sungho Jung erupted into bass lines and other parts of the song, adding complexities and layers using difficult tapping techniques that take years to master. All the while, Sungho Jung can be seen smiling away, barely even looking at his instrument in a true display of skill.

While Sungho Jung’s Mission Impossible cover has been a viral hit with over 40 million views since its initial upload on the Hedy Ham YouTube channel in March of 2018, his covers of “Twilight” and “Gangnam Style” have also contributed to his fame. Specialising in acoustic fingerstyle guitar, Sungho Jung busks in his spare time to entertain the masses with his incredible talent. Watch him perform his rendition of “Gangnam Style”, supposedly in the same performance, below:

As we can see from both of the videos above, Sungho Jung has a wealth of talent that is sure to bring a lot of entertainment to the passers-by on the streets of Hongdae, South Korea. Listening to the crowd join in on his cover of “Gangnam Style” suggests that he is a popular actor who knows how to control and hype up a crowd. We hope that he continues to experience success with his impressive guitar skills.

Little is known about Sungho Jung, but YouTube comments from all over the world share nothing but appreciation and respect for this young man’s talent. One comment reads: “As a guitarist who has long since lost his connection to the instrument, it warms my heart to see someone who has such passion for the art.”

Another YouTube comment jokingly said: “Little does the audience know he’s the distraction and his friend is robbing the store around the corner”, in reference to the Mission Impossible movies.

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