Sting And Stevie Wonder Make Magic With “Fragile” Duet

In a collaboration that many would consider to be fit for the ages, The Police’s Sting and the incredible Stevie Wonder joined forces for a rendition of Sting’s immovable classic “Fragile”, at his 60th birthday concert. Held at the Beacon Theatre in New York City, the duo created an elegant and atmospheric performance that blended Wonder’s silky smooth voice with Sting’s dynamic songwriting.

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The performance, complete with backing musicians and a full house, is an impressive musical feat that made one of Sting’s biggest songs just a little bit better; mostly thanks to Stevie Wonder, and the terrific atmosphere that was created during the performance. It’s also clear from the clip that these two musicians are great friends, with a shared love of music. Those who were fortunate enough to witness this live were sure to be in for a night that they would never forget. Watch the full clip below.

“Fragile” was released by Sting on his second studio album, …Nothing Like the Sun, in 1987. It was written as a tribute to Ben Linder, an American civil engineer who lost his life while working on a hydroelectric project in Nicaragua. In addition to an English version, Sting recorded versions in Portuguese and Spanish for his 1988 EP, Nada como el sol. Although it was not his most popular song, it still reached number 70 on the UK Singles Chart!

Sting, originally named Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, is an English musician and activist who is best known for being the frontman and songwriter for the incredibly popular new-wave British band, The Police. Although The Police split up in 1986, just 7 years after forming, Sting would then go on to create a solo career that would help him remain one of the world’s best-selling musicians.

Stevie Wonder is one of the most impressive musicians in the world! Blind since shortly after birth, he was labeled a child prodigy with a penchant for musicianship at a very early age. He went on to release music from the age of 11 all the way up to the present day. Alongside Sting, he is also labeled as one of the world’s best-selling artists, with many of his songs and albums winning the musician awards for his efforts. In total, he has won 25 Grammy Awards over the course of his career.

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