Andrea Bocelli And Caroline Campbell Perform A Stunning Rendition Of Quizas Quizas Quizas

When Andrea Bocelli and Caroline Campbell shared the stage for a performance of “Quizas Quizas Quizas” the audience were in for a treat. If the talent on stage wasn’t enough, the setting was breathtaking with the audience eating dinner in a picturesque Italian town.

The video of their performance was a massive hit online, reaching over 63 million views with the top comment being, “The Romance, the orchestra, the voice, the lyrics, the place. Everything is beautiful”. Watch the stunning performance below:

Check out this moment of musical magic when pop star Jennifer Lopez performed with opera legend Andrea Bocelli on Dancing With The Stars. The pair performed the first single from Andrea’s new album, Quizás, Quizás, Quizás.

The song is the Spanish version of the Doris Day and Rock Hudson hit, Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps, which rather appropriately featured in the movie Strictly Ballroom. When the performance begins, Andrea stands alone in front of an orchestra, impeccably dressed in a black suit. Smoke swirls about his legs adding to the drama.

As he begins to sing, the crowd cheers its approval, both of his skill and choice of song. It may be in Spanish, but the tune is unmistakable. After he has sung a few lines, Jennifer joins him. She looks incredible in a black lace dress that makes the most of her curves. Her voice is beautiful, even though this is a long way from the type of songs she usually sings.

Also, even though Jennifer is of Puerto Rican descent, it is rare to hear her sing in Spanish. She does it so well that it seems a shame she doesn’t do it more often. She approaches Andrea with a wide smile on her face and gently rests her hand on his chest. Andrea smiles in welcome and slides an arm around her back as they continue to sing.

Even for such a big star as Jennifer, it must be intimidating to sing next to a legendary tenor. She handles it with grace, though, and her voice sounds wonderful, mingled with his. You’d never realise that she is a pop singer accustomed to singing more up-tempo numbers and this type of music is new to her.

As the duet continues, two of the professional dancers take to the floor. Their dancing matches the spirit of the song perfectly. Many of the celebrities on the show do an excellent job learning the dances. However, it must be nice for the professional dancers to show their true skills occasionally. It’s a remarkable performance which only enhances the beauty and drama of Andrea and Jennifer’s duet. When the performance ends, the crowd goes wild, and it’s clear they love both couples—definitely one to watch.

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