Electrifying Glam Metal Band Steel Panther Win Over America’s Got Talent Judges With Fiery Audition

It’s fair to say that shows such as America’s Got Talent usually feature contestants who are either just at the beginning of their career or who are hoping to find fame by winning over the show’s audiences. One exception to this rule was the glam metal band Steel Panther, who were arguably already quite well-known amongst fans of the genre when they auditioned back in 2023. The group had been established for nearly 25 years, having formed in the year 2000 as Metal Shop in Los Angeles.

Indeed, the fact that the band was established long before their America’s Got Talent audition showed from the moment that they stepped onstage, with judge Simon Cowell quipping that the band received a standing ovation without actually doing anything. After introducing themselves, the four-piece then launched into an electrifying original track called ‘Eyes of a Panther’, which showed just how talented they were when it came to delivering fiery metal guitar riffs and a gripping stage presence.

The band promptly received a yes from all four of the show’s judges, having also received another standing ovation once they finished performing. They eventually made it through to the semi-finals of the show (narrowly missing out on the finals), joking in social media posts after their elimination that “like a bad case of herp*s, you can’t get rid of us that easily.” The group continues to perform sellout shows around the world, and currently has just under 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

And if rock music is your thing, you’ll probably also love guitar tutor John Wines, another immensely talented musician who auditioned for America’s Got Talent in 2023. In a video that has since racked up a whopping four and a half million views, John blew away the judges’ obvious lack of expectations with his blistering guitar-playing talent, first delivering an instrumental version of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’, and then coming up with some scorchingly hot riffs of his own.

It’s rare to see hardcore rock acts like Steel Panther and John Wines on shows like America’s Got Talent, just as it’s rare to see musicians who are so far into such impressive careers. This doesn’t make their performances any less credible, however, and although neither act took first place in the competition, they certainly entertained the show’s viewers with their stunning musicianship and stage presence.

If you are a fan of Steel Panther and want to indulge in more of their glam metal music, you can subscribe to their YouTube Channel. You can also stay updated with their latest news and performances by following them on Facebook. Enjoy the electrifying guitar riffs and gripping stage presence that this talented band is known for.

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