Blitzers: BGT’S First Ever K-Pop Group

South Korean K-pop group Blitzers arrived at Britain’s Got Talent on the 18th of May to perform for the judges. Dressed in all-white outfits, the ensemble consisted of members Jinhwa, Juhan, Sya, Chris, Lutan, and Wooju, all aged between 19 and 22. The group explained that they had been together for three years and that their big dream was to play at Wembley Stadium. With K-pop becoming a global phenomenon over recent years, it was clear that the judges’ hopes for the performance were high.

The group launched into a rendition of Shawn Mendes’ ‘There’s Nothing Holding Me Back’, complete with a dance routine that caused judge Bruno to comment that it looked “so slick.” They proved their vocal talents alongside their dancing, with impressed fans commenting, “How are their vocals so stable when dancing?” Alongside singing in English, a second language for the group, they also included a Korean rap, giving the song a twist that made it entirely original and unique to them.

Audience members of Britain’s Got Talent were soon up and dancing with the group, cheering as they performed. The judges were impressed, too, with Bruno commenting that they were “ready for Wembley” already. Altogether, the group received four yeses. The online video shot to 1M views, and Blitzer fans, new and old, praised them in the comments. One K-pop fan, who was clearly already a fan of Blitzers’ work, commented, “I hope they perform their own song next time.”

While they may be a new introduction to the global market, Blitzers have already made quite a stir at home. In the three years since their debut, the group has received an Asia Artist Award, as well as a K-Global Heart Dream Award. The group’s most popular music video has over 14M views and is for a song called ‘Macarena’ and, no, it’s not a cover of the Los Del Rio song. This original bass-filled hip-hop song is edgy and contemporary, and the music video shows even more of Blitzer’s slick dance moves.

With Blitzers’ talent already evident, their Britain’s Got Talent performance is sure to capture the attention of British audiences and find the group some new fans. The appetite for K-pop in the UK is still ripe, with Blackpink becoming the first K-pop group to headline BST Hyde Park last July. With singing skills, rap skills, impressive dance moves, and charm, Blitzers are sure to find success from their appearance on the show, no matter how far they get in the competition itself.

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