A Guitar Playing Jedi And Sith Go Head To Head In A Star Wars Guitar Battle

The last thing viewers at an IMAX cinema expected to see was a guitar battle between a Sith and a Jedi, but that’s what they got. There are few franchises in movie history as iconic and well-known as Star Wars. From its rousing opening theme to its memorable characters and its classic tale of good and evil.

Even if you’ve never seen a single movie (how!?), everyone recognises the leading players, the guardians of peace, the Jedi, and the evil Sith Lords. That why cinema-goers were amazed to see the plot of the penultimate movie, The Last Jedi, acted out in front of them.

Guitarists Nathan Turley and Stuart Edge must be massive Star Wars fans as no one else could create such an epic performance, the space opera The Last Shredi. The pair appear dressed in cloaks and bust out their guitars before beginning what can only be described as a shred to the death!

They begin to mimic each others’ riffs, each guitarist attempting to outdo the other in truly epic fashion. Needless to say, their performance soon draws quite the crowd. It’s not every day you get a performance including costumes, amps, Fender Strats and legendary backing tracks before you even set foot in the theatre.

Nathan and Stuart compete for the safety of the galaxy for several minutes, but who wins in the end? Neither of them! In a beautiful parody of the movie, a third guitarist enters the fray. She is clad in a grey cloak and destroys the duo with her fierceness, passion, and her incredible playing.

As the performance reaches an end, this talented young guitarist named Amanda Johnson defeats her rivals and emerges victorious. The evil Sith Lord admits defeat, and the Jedi lords are victorious, once again bringing peace to a troubled galaxy…or movie theatre in this case!

Since the video was uploaded by Stuart, it has been viewed more than 9.6 million times. Stuart Edge has been uploading guitar videos, among others, for several years. This is by far the most popular, though, and it’s easy to see why. Watch the entire battle here.

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