High Energy Dance Couple Win The Boogie Woogie World Championships

Sondre and Tanya are a dance couple from Norway and Ukraine which specializes in boogie woogie. Since 2015 they have managed to astonish their audience with high energetic moves and a great vibe.

Currently, they are living in Warsaw, Poland, even though they get to travel a lot due to the different dancing competitions. Over the years they have won over 10 world cups in boogie woogie while representing Norway in international competitions so far.

How Sondre and Tanya Started

Their partnership started out at the SwingAOut Festival, a music and dance festival that takes place in Laroquebrouque in France. Since then, they have won many titles in the Main Class category of different boogie woogie festivals all around Europe and beyond.

Tanya was 4, even younger than Sondre, when she first started with classical dance. After that she switched to acrobatic Rock’n’roll when she was 9. Before they started dancing together Tanya already won the world cup in Rock’n’roll Formation category and was in the semi-finals of Ukraine’s got Talent where she danced boogie woogie. Their lindy-hop performance at the Rock That Swing Festival in Munich has reached incredible 3.6 million views on Youtube. Watch the video here:

Interestingly, she managed to still find the time to complete a law degree at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and was working as a cartoonist at a stopmotion studio in Ukraine as well. Both of them discovered their passion at a very young age and have started dancing when they were children. Since then, they have never stopped doing what they love the most.

Sondre started dancing when he was 5. At the age of 13 Sondre was already working locally as a teacher for Swing dance. His breakthrough came when he entered the competition for Norway’s got Talent. He has won many different dance championships before he started dancing with Tanya. Their fans always praise them for their great energy and admire how comfortable they look when they are dancing together. The next video shows their performance at the World Master Competition in Switzerland which earned them first place:

Their plan for the future is to keep on competing, performing, teaching and sharing the dance they love in any possible way. If you want to see more from these exceptionally talented dancers go to their YouTube channel and keep up-to-date with their latest videos.

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