17 Year Old Playing Dire Straits’ “Money For Nothing” Is A Drum Cover Like No Other

Sina Doering is a German musician who developed an early passion for music, and particularly, the drums. Born in 1999, the youthful musician created her YouTube in 2013 and began uploading videos of herself playing along to “drumless” backing tracks.

Dire Straits are one of the biggest bands of the seventies and eighties, so we all know their hits pretty well. Sina does a fantastic job of recreating the drums from their iconic track “Money For Nothing”.

Her cover of the drum part of this legendary tune has made it seem new to Dire Straits fans and introduced a new generation to their music. Every beat is perfectly placed, and she plays with such passion. Sina plays with a skill and precision that would normally take decades to achieve. Listen to her rendition here and prepare to be impressed.

It seems she is naturally gifted, and it shows in the way she takes the tune without the drum track and then makes it her own. She admits it's not an exact copy of the original, but this ability to put your own stamp on a track separates good musicians from great ones.

Sina was Bon in Marburg, Germany and both her parents are musicians. Her mother is a piano player and loves to sing, although she does not perform professionally. Her father is a professional musician working live and in the studio. When Sina was only two years old, she accompanied him on tour playing with a Beatles tribute band. Clearly that's when she was bitten by the musical bug.

In 2010, her father bought a drum kit, wanting to record live drum tracks as part of his music. The twist was that he couldn't play the drums. That's when Sina stepped in and started to learn. It took only a year for her to become good enough to appear on a professional recording.

Sina continued to play with her dad until 2010, when she began her YouTube channel, simply called Sina-Drums. She began by covering many famous songs, and her channel was soon very popular. However, she found it unsatisfying after a while and wanted to develop her own style. Luckily, her dad is a songwriter, and she worked with him to create her debut album, the Chi Might Project. She collaborated with musicians all over the world to make the tracks as well-rounded as possible.

With that milestone achieved, Sina wanted to develop her drumming even further. She completed a year of intensive study at the Drummers Institute in Krefeld. During this time, she continued to record original music and uploaded it to YouTube. When the year ended, she graduated with a diploma and had enough live music to add to her second album, Chi Might II.

Since then, Sina has released two more albums and her YouTube following continues to grow. She currently has 1.37 million subscribers and 312,000 followers on Facebook. As she is still young, Sina has never married and has no children yet. For now, she seems to be focused on her music and performing live. Her net worth is estimated at 1.5 million dollars, not bad for someone who isn't even twenty-five yet. Stay tuned; there will be lots more to come from this talented young lady.

If you want to see more from this very talented young drummer, subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Facebook page. You can also visit her official website for more information.

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