Simply Simon Choir: 100 Simon Cowell Lookalikes Take Britain’s Got Talent

Simon Cowell was in for an odd surprise on last Saturday’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent. The first sign that something strange was happening was when a video started playing, showing images of Simon alongside text reading “Best TV Judge In The World” and “Inspiration To All”. Despite judge Amanda Holden asking Simon, “Are you starring in your own act?” he looked on bewildered, clearly none the wiser as to what was about to happen.

Then the next act took the stage, and things started to make sense while simultaneously becoming even stranger. Onto the stage flooded over 100 Simon Cowell lookalikes, dressed in dark wigs, white shirts, sunglasses and, of course, sporting the iconic Simon Cowell chest hair. As the Simons poured out onto the stage, they performed a cover of Tina Turner’s ‘Simply The Best’, directing the lyrics to the real Simon Cowell, who laughed and covered his face in embarrassment.

After the performance, the singers introduced themselves as the Simply Simon Choir. Then, the audience started to chant for Simon to go up and join them. After some convincing, Simon went up onto the stage, shaking hands with members of the choir. Simon then gave his verdict on the performance, telling them, “It was heartfelt, it was beautiful, it was inspirational… and you’re all so good-looking!” Before any of the other judges could speak, he sent them straight through to the next round.

On Monday, the choir appeared on Lorraine to talk about their performance. Once again appearing dressed as Simon, the choir revealed that they were singers from The BIG Sing – a national network of choirs that focuses on bringing people together through music. They explained that the choir brings them joy, support and a sense of community. Evie, one of the youngest founding members of the choir, described Simon as a national treasure and said that they wanted to surprise him with their tribute.

For viewers who enjoyed Saturday night’s spectacle and want to experience it for themselves, the Simply Simon Choir will be giving a repeat performance of ‘Simply The Best’ at the Brentwood Centre on the 18th of May. There are sure to be many fans of Simon and the Simply Simon Choir heading to the performance, with viewers of the online video commenting, “This is phenomenal,” and praising Simon’s departure from his classic grumpy TV persona by noting, “I’m so glad Simon has finally found a sense of humour.” With imitation considered the highest form of flattery, it would have been hard for Simon not to see the outpouring of appreciation being displayed towards him.

If you want to see more from the talented and fun choir The BIG Sing, visit and subscribe to their YouTube Channel, like their Facebook page, follow them on Instagram, or check out their official website.

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