Canada’s Got Talent Audience Go Wild For 82-Year-Old Drummer

It’s fair to say that talent shows such as Canada’s Got Talent are generally frequented by younger contestants, or even people at the beginning of their careers who are looking for their chance to shine. Consequently, the four Canada’s Got Talent judges looked just a little taken aback when an older man turned up to the audition in April 2024, with one judge, Howie Mandel, even asking whether it was him he was meant to be talking to, or the “young lady” that was accompanying him.

We soon found out that the older man was in fact the one auditioning, and the young lady accompanying him was his granddaughter who had offered to act as his translator. The man’s name was Keun Kwon, and he was an 82-year-old drummer from South Korea who had been playing since 1950 – now he wanted to show Canada his skills. Still looking a little shocked at the man’s age and energy, the four judges wished him luck, with Kwon then taking his place at the kit before it was wheeled onstage.

Kwon proceeded to launch into an energetic performance of the Twisted Sister track ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’, and with his drumming expertise and winning smile, he immediately had the show’s audience – and the judges – in the palm of his hand. “Everybody loves you!” exclaimed Mandel following Kwon’s performance, while fellow judge Trish Stratus told the 82-year-old South Korean that he emanated joy. Unsurprisingly, Kwon received a ‘yes’ from all four judges, putting him through to the next round.

Another mind-blowing performance from this year’s Canada’s Got Talent auditions came from Noah Kosta, a 19-year-old who surprised the show’s judges with his silky smooth, Frank Sinatra-esque voice. Like Kwon, the teenager received four yeses following his performance of the classic pop tune ‘Cry Me A River’. Numerous viewers also commented on the goosebumps they got when watching him sing. Others described their amazement at the maturity of his voice considering that he was so young.

Canada’s Got Talent sees a wide variety of competitors come onto the show every year, but few have stood out in the same way as Keun Kwon did. Where most 82-year-olds are probably enjoying the peace and quiet of their retirement years, Kwon is clearly doing the exact opposite, delighting the CGT crowd with his boundless energy, zany humor, and incredible drumming talents.

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