Simon Takes The Stage On America’s Got Talent In An Unforgettable Performance

Get ready to see Simon Cowell on the other side of the judge’s table for the first time! Although it’s nowhere near as stressful and nerve-wracking as it is for the contestants, being a judge on America’s Got Talent cannot be easy. Whittling down thousands of very talented performers to just a few dozen must be tough.

The advantage they have is that they don’t have to stand in that spotlight in front of the world and share their gifts. Now, thanks to a very talented duo named Metaphysic, all of that has changed. They appeared in the seventeenth season and were unanimously put through to the next round because of their next-level skills.

Metaphysic is made up of Tom Graham from Australia and Chris Ume from Belgium. They shared an interest in AI and started a business creating super realistic deep fake content. Although they had been working together for a year, they only met in person a couple of days before the show. They went on AGT as they decided it was time to show the world the exceptional performances they could create.

When Metaphysic took to the stage, they weren’t alone. To make their performance extra special, they brought AGT season thirteen top ten contestant, Daniel Emmet. Daniel is an opera singer, and he finished a very creditable third. He saw Metaphysic’s work online and became a fan. Daniel agreed to provide the vocals for the performance but no one could have guessed what Metaphysic would do for the visuals!

As Daniel began to sing the large screen lit up. There, for all the world to see, was Simon Cowell! Naturally, as the camera cuts to Simon himself he looks gobsmacked. After a moment, he looks part interested and part horrified. The work Metaphysic has done is unbelievable. With the camera focused on the screen rather than Daniel, you’d swear Simon Cowell was singing. The lip sync is absolutely spot on.

By the end, the audience is cheering and the judges are grinning broadly. Metaphysic gets a standing ovation while Simon jokingly asks if it’s inappropriate to fall in love with a contestant. Heidi says it was the best thing she’d seen all day and Howie pointed out how great it is that talent can be anything. He leads voting with a yes echoed by the judges. Check out this amazing video now, and then if you’re hungry for more, watch Simon, Howie and host Terry as you’ve never seen them before. Enjoy!

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