Students Perform An Emotional Haka To Send Off Retiring Teacher

Goodbye Haka During School Assembly


This is the dramatic and moving moment where an entire school assembly performed the Haka for a teacher who was about to retire. Whether your memories of your school days are good or bad, almost all of us have a teacher who made a lasting impression on us.

The teacher who has helped shape our outlook on the world, our moral code, or taught us a vital skill. That person is rarely the same one for every student in a school, however. Enter guidance counsellor John Adams. John taught at Palmerston North Boys’ High School in New Zealand for 30 years and touched the lives of countless students during that time.

He originally came to the school as a substitute teacher in science and agricultural studies in 1986. John’s gift lay in his previous work in forestry, as a possum trapper, and as a dairy farmer. He used his experience in these fields to add context and real-world examples to bring the subject to life for his students.

The Haka is traditionally seen as a challenge by the rest of the world, performed by the All Blacks rugby team towards the opposing team before a match. However, in Maori culture, it is also used as a gesture of respect to acknowledge the contribution of important individuals. Another emotional Haka tribute caught on video was for the ninth Headmaster of Auckland Grammar School, Sir John Graham, who sadly passed away at the age of 82.

When the entire school assembly performs the Haka, you can see this first hand. There is no challenge in it; it is all about conveying the respect they feel for the teacher that has guided them for so long. It is a very emotional scene and demonstrates how much appreciation all the students feel for Mr. Adams and everything he has done for the school.

This incredible video has already been viewed more than 20 million times and sets your heart pounding at the sheer passion of it.

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