Saxon And Jarvis Whittaker Acoustic Rock Guitar Duo From Australia

About Saxon and Jarvis Whittaker


Saxon and Jarvis Whittaker are the two brothers that make up this talented guitar duo from Australia. The brothers have been playing together since a very young age, which you can see in their incredibly synchronized performances. Their passion for their instrument is backed by a serious love of rock ‘n’ roll blues and slick finger-style guitar music.

Ages & Achievements


Despite being such a young guitar duo (12 and 14 years old as of March 2020), the boys have mastered some of the hardest guitar pieces imaginable. They have been performing together for over 7 years and continue to take on some of the most impressive classical rock solos out there. The duo has performed in Hong Kong and at many local music festivals and events including, The Big Picnic, Clockenflap, The Hong Kong Sevens, and more recently at the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society Convention in Nashville.

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Their passion for their style of music is blatantly obvious throughout all of their videos. Fingerstyle is a wonderful type of guitar playing style that allows for a melodic flow alongside a rhythmic backing. When you get two guitarists together who can swap in and out of the melody line simultaneously, and in sync with one another, you get a very special performance and an absolute treat for the ears! This is exactly what these two talented guitarists showcase in their videos.

Make sure you check out their other work on YouTube or Facebook, they are definitely a duo to watch for the future.

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