Sara Carson Has First Dance With Her Dog Hero

Meet Sara Carson Devine, a well-known dog trainer who showcased a brilliant dance with her dog “Hero” on her wedding day in front of all her guests. Hero was said to have taken the place of the groom during the first dance. This video certainly captures the hearts and attention of all animal lovers.

Sara was brought up in Ontario in Canada where she ran her own business training dogs to perform tricks and obedience for more than five years. Since then, Sara has created a name for herself in the dog tricks industry winning multiple awards and titles with her furry friends.

Sara’s dogs are known as “Super Collies” who have also made an appearance on high profile TV shows in America including The Late Show with David Letterman and America’s Got Talent where her popular dog tricks show landed her in 5th place during the 12th season of the globally recognised talent show.

She also won “Dog Trainer of The Year” from Greater Mats in 2017. Currently, Sara is teaching people how to train their pets as well as continuing to perform with her Super Collies.

Sara has shown the dedication and passion needed to succeed in any passion-based industry. After starting her career training dogs at the age of 15 she is now regonised as one of the world’s best dog performance trainers in the world.

If you want to see more from the wonderful “Super Collies” subscribe to their official YouTube channel to keep up to date with all their brilliant performances.

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