Watch Sam Wilkinson’s Journey From Audition To Winner In The Voice Kids 2019

We see a great wealth of young and aspiring talents rise through the ranks of fame through shows like The Voice, but Sam Wilkinson’s story is one of true success. From the outset, Sam was a fan favorite and quickly became loved by both the judges and the audience. His heartfelt guitar playing and impressive vocal range made him stand out amongst the rest of the competition in the 2019 edition of The Voice Kids, while also cementing a future for himself as a singer-songwriter.

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The video below contains his final performance but also shows every other performance of Sam’s on the show. It’s rather touching to see his growth as a musician, as well as seeing his confidence shine, as the competition goes on. He also brought out a loving playfulness in the judges, including during his blind audition where several judges came and sat in front of him during a performance of one of his original songs, “Everything’s Alright”. Watch the whole journey from start to finish here:

Sam’s final hurrah wasn’t the only time that he shocked the judges with his incredible talent. Throughout the competition, Sam performed many of the biggest songs that modern music history has offered us, alongside some true classics that have been tried and tested through time. One of his most iconic songs on The Voice Kids was “Hey Jude” by The Beatles, which he performed alongside Danny Jones. The duo were both equipped with acoustic-electric guitars and put on an energetic show.

Sam Wilkinson hails from Lewisham, an area of southeast London. He is a talented singer who is also proficient in playing the guitar and harmonica, utilizing all of these instruments to the best of his ability. His gentle, emotional songwriting and enjoyable covers make his music a combination that is hard not to enjoy, and he has had the opportunity to perform at several gigs independently. One such gig was with Fuel The Music, a community designed to support and promote the music industry.

Referring back to Sam Wilkinson’s audition, he concluded his time in the competition with his original song, “Everything’s Alright”. The lights were dimmed, and the spotlight was on Sam as he performed this heartfelt, uplifting song that was sure to be a hit that night. He was not alone, however; every member of the audience was equipped with a glow stick, swaying them back and forth, creating a lovely atmosphere for the winner of The Voice Kids 2019.

Outside of his victory on The Voice Kids, Sam has had quite a busy music career. While singing both his original works and covers of artists such as Bob Dylan and Paolo Nutini, he has performed at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire and the Royal Albert Hall.

We hope that Sam can continue to work on his passion, and keep entertaining us for years to come.

Enjoy more of Sam Wilkinson’s incredible talent by subscribing to his YouTube Channel. Follow his journey from his first performances, to fan favourite on The Voice Kids, to his rise as a successful singer-songwriter. Watch Sam’s growth as a musician, his impressive guitar playing and vocal range, and his performances of iconic songs from modern music history. Be sure not to miss his emotional final performance on the show.

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